ORIGING: North-west Spain DATA SHEET
COLOUR: Blue-Black
SIZES: 60x45, 60x30, 50x45, 50x30, 50x37, 50x25, 40x37, 40x25, 40x30, 40x20

Ardigonte Natural slate Blue-Black color natural slate in all the sizes. Flat & Smooth getting most beautiful roof appearance.

Water absorption W1
Non carbonate carbon content In accordance <1%
Mechanical resistance characteristics (MoR) Transversal 45,44N/mm2
Longitudinal 55,73N/mm
Calcium carbonate content Complies <1%
Dimensional tolerances Complies
Thermal cycle T1
Exposure SO2 S1
External fire performance Deemed to satisfy A1
Reaction to fire Deemed to satisfy A1
Release of dangerous substances None
Use as roofing or external cladding Yes